General Rules and Restrictions

To be abide by Sasto Tickets Pvt. Ltd (Travel Agency) and User (the Customer)


The Sasto Tickets Pvt. Ltd has formulated the following Rules and Restrictions to render travel related services to the User (the Customer) abiding both the parties by  the prevailing laws of Nepal, and all the norms and values relating to Tourism Business.

General Rules:

In consideration of travel related services rendered by the Sasto Tickets, the payment must be fully realized, if there be an increase in taxes or airfare, the same will be intimated and charged to our customers. Without prior notice the booking is subject to cancellation by the airline or Sasto Tickets, until the payment is fully realized.

If the payment is not approved on the given cheques or credit card number(s), the same will be notified to the User (the Customer) as soon as possible. In such event the User (the Customer) need to provide alternate credit card number, to speak to the Credit Card Company or concern bank or financial institutions or as applicable change in the User (the Customer) payment mode.

If there is any error on the booking/ticket; the User (the Customer) are suggested to report the same within 24 hours of getting email or product receipt.  Sasto Tickets shall not levy extra charges for delivery of travel products within Nepal. For other countries, a courier fee shall be charged. Sasto Tickets is not responsible for loss/damage of shipment by the courier company.

Sasto Tickets is not responsible for any schedule change by the airline after issuance of the ticket, but will inform the User (the Customer) of the same if it is informed by the airlines. It is advisable to reconfirm the flight timings 24 hours prior to flight departure.

All tickets are subject to date change and cancellation penalties. Partially or half-utilized tickets are non-refundable. For NO SHOWS there will be no refund.

A transaction-processing fee of Rs. 1,500 per ticket will be charged in cases where customer is entitled for full refund.

For the discounted fares tickets are subject to certain rules and regulations, airlines may restrict upgrade to any higher class. For any clarifications, please contact the respective airlines.

All tickets have a ticket validity within which the travel has to be completed, and date change on the ticket can be done only as per the validity of ticket. If the User (the Customer) require further details, kindly contact us.

Sasto Tickets shall not be responsible for any mileage guarantee. The Frequent flier miles will be as on the sole discretion of respective airlines.

Infant means a traveller whose age is under 24 months throughout the entire journey. If the infant is 24 months or above, on the return journey, then the infant fare would not be applicable. In this case, the User (the Customer) will need to buy the ticket under applicable child fare. With each adult passenger, maximum of one infant is allowed to travel. In case of more than one infants travelling with one adult, first infant would be charged the infant fare but for the second infant applicable child fare would be charged.

Some airlines do not allow children to travel alone (Unaccompanied Minors) or with an accompanying young adult (between 12 - 16 years of age). Before making such booking the User (the Customer) is requested to have it checked in our customer care or with respective airlines.

For date change and cancellation requests, the User (the Customer) are requested to contact our customer care. We will assist the User (the Customer) as per the User (the Customer) requirements but still there might be few cases where we request to contact the airlines directly.

Sasto Tickets charges on a date change assistance service charge of NPR. 200 and NPR. 1,150 per passenger for Domestic Airlines of Nepal and International Airlines respectively, in addition to the airlines date change penalty.

For all cancellations cases, Sasto Tickets will charge a service fee of NPR. 300 and NPR. 1,665 per passenger for Domestic Airlines of Nepal and International Airlines respectively, in addition to the airlines cancellation penalty. All bookings booked on Sasto Tickets are subject to cancellation penalty levied by the airlines.

For Indian Domestic Tickets and flights originated from India, Sasto Tickets shall levy exchange and cancelaltion charges according to the guidelines of the Indian Government policy on Civil Aviation direcives and the strategic partner of Sato Tickets in India. All bookings booked on Sasto Tickets are subject to cancellation penalty levied by the airlines.

As refund request is processed only after the tickets are received back by Sasto Tickets for refund of paper tickets. The User (the Customer) are requested to send the paper tickets back to us. Refunds will be processed within 7 business days for e-tickets and between 15 to 21 business days for paper tickets.

In case of cancellation of travel, the amount paid for insurance will be non-refundable, this is applicable only in case if the User (the Customer) has booked insurance along with ticket.

In some rare cases we are unable to confirm reservation. In this situation, for rebook, we will attempt to reach the User (the Customer) by phone and email. The User (the Customer) must call us back within 48 hours or we might not be able to honor the original booking price.

We suggest the User (the Customer) check that the User (the Customer) possess all the valid documents required for travel: passport, air tickets, valid VISA, health certificates, travel insurance, etc. and Contact consulate/airline for further details before the  departure.
Sasto Tickets is merely a medium for issuing Air tikets or booking hotels. The User (the Customer) are requested to consult embassies/consulate/airlines to check the visa/travel documents requirement for the travel. Sasto Tickets shall not be liable/responsible for any visa/travel documents related informations. Sasto Tickets, by all means, shall not be liable for the forgery of passport and visa/travel documents produced and used by The User (the Customer). The User shall be self-responsible and liable for any forgery they committ.